One and a half million people in Germany have cancer. Three hundred thousand people suffer a heart attack every year. In twenty years' time two and a half million Germans will be suffering from dementia. Eight million currently have diabetes. Germany is a nation of sick people. In fact, the German health system costs an incredible 263 billion euros a year, which is a tenth of Germany's DGP. And rising. Germany has the world's highest density of doctors and more hospitals per inhabitant than any-where else. Germans spend more on their health than on their cars. The major widespread diseases are of concern to us all – either because we hope we won't fall victim to them or because we want to be cured of them as quickly as possible; because we're afraid we won't be able to afford the treatment or because we're fighting our way through the confusion of contradictory information. These diseases stand for a life of hope or despair, for years of struggling to survive and the longing for a healthy life. The major widespread diseases are the most important topic for millions of Germans. This series is for them.

- Cancer
- Alzheimer's Disease
- Heart attack
- Diabetes

All episodes in this series:

Widespread Disease: Diabetes

The underestimated threat

Widespread Disease: Heart attack

Success story in medicine

Widespread Disease: Alzheimer’s

Hope in the struggle against forgetting

Widespread Disease: Cancer

New therapies for a longer life