Vaccination Against Corona


Finally, a sigh of relief – the end of the Corona pandemic is in sight! By the end of summer anyone in Germany who chooses should be vaccinated. But the number of vaccine doses is still limited and the usual suspects in politics and the health system are arguing again about distribution and prioritisation. Meanwhile, people in Germany are champing at the bit. Many can’t wait to be vaccinated. Especially now that freedom is beckoning after the jab. But whose turn is it now?

Tilman Wolff’s documentary takes a particular look at the people who are having to wait the longest and who don’t often get a chance to speak – such as children, teens and young adults. The stories they tell reveal another side to the medically based order of precedence for vaccinations.

Written and directed by Tilman Wolff // Camera: Michael Kern, Steven Altig // Sound: Steven Altig // Film editor: Jan Wilm Schmülling // Music: Cloud Machine // Soundmix: Florian Ebrecht //Sound editor: Ayse Remmler // Narrator: Simon Roden // Production assistant: Laura Bleifuß // Production manager for Längengrad: Katja Sträter // Production manager for WDR: Marta Hermann // Producer: Tanja Winkler // Executive producers: Thomas Weidenbach, Sarah Zierul // Commissioning editor: Claudia Heiss // Produced by Längengrad Filmproduktion for WDR


  • YEAR 2021
  • LENGTH 44 minutes