The Mystery of Alzheimer’s Disease


For years, doctors and the pharmaceutical industry have devoted a lot of effort and resources to the search for a remedy for Alzheimer’s disease, but so far all approaches have remained fruitless. One reason, this film suggests, could be that the current assumptions about the causes of the disease are wrong. A whole series of studies are presented for the first time, which throw a completely new light on the disease and possible treatments. But this research approach is not being pursued by the pharmaceutical industry because it promises too little profit.

Written and directed by: Thomas Liesen // Camera: Steffen Bohn, Roland Breitschuh // Sound: Andrä Klaukien, Mario Lederer // Film editor: Huynh-Trang Lam // Music: Stefan Döring // Production manager: Oliver Gontram // Executive producer: Thomas Weidenbach // Commissioning editors: Gabriele Conze, Andrea Ernst, Daniele Jörg, Susanne Schettler, Anahita Parastar (WDR/3SAT)

– Georg von Holtzbrinck prize for science journalism 2009


  • CLIENT Arte, WDR, 3SAT
  • YEAR 2008
  • LENGTH 45 min (english version)
  • DISTRIBUTION united docs