Metamorphoses: The Lausitz


The end of lignite mining in the Lausitz region of eastern Germany left behind huge areas of brownfield wasteland – in which habitats for rare plant and animal species have been able to develop. Along with wolves, cranes and white-tailed eagles, insects, amphibians and birds have also taken over the former pits and spoil heaps. But can nature be given free rein everywhere? – or should it be deliberatey ‘managed’ in some places? Wetlands, heath landscapes and forests have become fascinating research objects for nature conservationists and biologists.

Written and directed by Michael R. Gärtner & Sebastian Koerner // Camera: Sebastian Koerner, Lennert Piltz, Michael Kern // Sound: Steven Rudi Altig, Marcel Lepel // Film editor: Marc Schubert // Assistant editor: Ayşe Remmler // Music: Thomas Wolter // Narrator: Paul Bendelow // Soundmix: Florian Ebrecht // Colour correction: Dany Schelby // Additional footage: Ralf Donat, Steffen Heiber, Marcel Lepel, Stephan Kaasche, Arnd Schermer, Stefan Thissen // Production assistants: Laura Bleifuß, Isabell Straub // Production manager: Katja Sträter // Executive producers: Thomas Weidenbach, Sarah Zierul // Our thanks go to: Bundesarchiv / Rainer Weisflog, LEAG, LMBV, NABU-Naturparadies Grünhaus, Zweckverband Lausitzer Seenland // ARTE G.E.I.E.: ‘Wissen’ department – Christian Cools, Sabine Joertz, under the direction of Alexander von Harling, Production – Heike Lettau, Yvette Durrenberger // WDR ‘Planet Schule’ and ‘Xenius’: Commissioning editor – Birgit Keller-Reddemann

  • YEAR 2021
  • LENGTH 52/45/12 minutes