Metamorphoses: Brazil


Around the megacities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, stretching all the way to Argentina, is one of the most species-rich forests on earth: the Atlantic Rainforest. However, only 12% of the original area of the Atlantic Rainforest is still left in Brazil today. It is a wake-up call for conservationists, farmers and researchers! More than 300 private initiatives are working together to save what can still be saved. They are planting trees in massive numbers in order to restore tropical forests and to turn them into species-rich biotopes. With initial success: The return of the mighty tapir and rare monkey species gives hope.

Written and directed by Michael R. Gärtner // Camera: Michael Kern // Additional footage: Cristian Dimitrius, Steven Altig // Film editor: Maximilian Narkovic // Music: Thomas Wolter // Sound: Steven Altig // Soundmix: Florian Ebrecht // Colour correction: Jürgen Pertack // Narrator: Philipp Schepmann // Production assistant: Annemarie Zertisch // Production manager: Marta Herrmann // Head of production: Katja Sträter // Executive producers: Thomas Weidenbach, Sarah Zierul // Commissioning editor: Christian Cools // A production by Längengrad Filmproduktion in coproduction with Arte

  • YEAR 2023
  • LENGTH 52 / 43 minutes