How Do I Tell My Patient?


“It’s all over now. You can call it a day.” That was what Margit Schöppler heard at the moment the doctor told her she had cancer. What made it especially bad for her was not just the diagnosis but the manner in which the doctor told her. She was left completely alone to deal with her concerns and fears.

A lot of patients here in Germany go through the same sort of thing. Most doctors have simply not learned how to talk to patients. But there are dedicated doctors and clinics who are adopting new approaches and campaigning for “talking” medicine.

For the WDR series “Menschen hautnah” filmmaker Ilka aus der Mark has made a stand-alone version – with new interviews and footage – of her ARD documentary “Bad News”, which was broadcast on Germany’s Channel One in summer 2020. A documentary to give you goose bumps.

Written and directed by: Ilka aus der Mark // Camera: Michael Kern together with Christian Eichenauer, Steven Rudi Altig, Ilhan Coskun // Film editor: Maximilian Narkovic // Sound: Steven Rudi Altig // Music: Markus Aust // Sound mix: Alexander Weuffen // Narrator: Yvon Jansen // Production assistant: Laura Bleifuß // Production manager: Katja Sträter // Producers: Tanja Winkler (Längengrad), Renate Werner (WDR) // Executive producers: Thomas Weidenbach, Sarah Zierul // Commissioning editor: Christiane Mausbach // Produced by Längengrad Filmproduktion for WDR



  • YEAR 2020
  • LENGTH 44 minutes