Good News from Planet Earth – How we gain clean Energy

Renewable energies are controversial, because they’re allegedly too expensive and unreliable – or people object to wind turbines on their doorstep. But if wind or water power are deployed wisely, then they are dependable. On the flower island of Madeira, for example, they are used in combination to create an ingenious renewable energy system, working like a huge rechargeable battery. In Iceland the heat from below ground is being used for heating and generating electricity. And off the Scottish Orkney islands researchers are discovering how waves and the tides can produce electricity. Exciting stories which could serve as models for other regions of the world.

Directed by Michael R. Gärtner // Written by Tanja Winkler // Concept: Michael R. Gärtner, Daniel Münter, Frank Nischk, Thomas Weidenbach, Tanja Winkler & Christian Cools // Research: David Haas // Film editors: Maximilian Narkovic, Jan Wilm Schmülling // Motion Design: Simon Schnellmann // Camera: Michael Kern, Erik Sick // Sound: Armin Siegwarth, Tobias Akly, Milan Bergheim // Music: Thomas Wolter, Ralf Schurbohm // Narrators: Philipp Schepmann, Yvon Jansen //Sound editor: Ayse Remmler // Soundmix: Florian Ebrecht // Production assistant: Laura Bleifuß // Production manager: Katja Sträter // Executive producers: Thomas Weidenbach, Sarah Zierul // Arte producers: Yvette Durrenberger, Heike Lettau // Commissioning editor: Christian Cools // Department director: Alexander von Harling

Produced by LÄNGENGRAD Filmproduktion in co-production with ARTE G.E.I.E.

  • YEAR 2020
  • LENGTH 45 minutes