Deathly Silence


As patients in hospital we need to trust our doctors. But is this trust justified? In Germany, between 10,000 and 20,000 people die in hospital as the result of medical error or negligence – every year. And that’s not counting the sizeable incidence of minor and major health impairments. Medical mistakes are no isolated phenomena. They are among the ten most frequent causes of death in Germany.

Many people believe that it’s bad doctors who damage patients but this is rarely the case. More than anything else, it’s the working conditions in hospitals which pose a threat to the life and health of patients. Nevertheless, the subject of patient safety is a taboo. In many cases doctors are still regarded as demi-gods in white, blessed with infallibility. As this film shows, however, the problem could be solved.

Written and directed: Lars Westermann // Camera: Michael Kern // Sound: Armin Siegwarth // Film editor: Marc Schubert // Music: Thomas Wolter // Production manager: Oliver Gontram // Executive producer: Thomas Weidenbach // Commissioning editor: Jürgen Thebrath

  • YEAR 2010
  • LENGTH 45 min