The CRISPR Revolution


Is it the latest gene scandal or a blessing for medicine and agriculture? CRISPR is a new tool in the gene laboratory which allows scientists to change the genetic material of all living organisms with great precision. Researchers are developing therapies for diseases regarded until now as incurable; plants with new characteristics are being created. But at the same time the designer baby is also suddenly within reach. How far should medicine or agriculture be allowed to go? The film looks for answers – critically and sophisticatedly – and examines old prejudices. Researchers, ethicists and critics are agreed on one thing: society urgently needs to debate the opportunities and boundaries of this new dimension in genetic engineering, because CRISPR affects all our lives.

Written and directed by: Claudia Ruby // Camera: Sven Kiesche, Thomas Kutschker // Sound: Marvin Dohrmann, Steven Rudi Altig, Christoph Baumgarten // Film editor: Jan Wilm Schmülling // Assistant editor: Joel Oxé // Music: Thomas Wolter // Graphics: Elke Baulig // Sound mix: Florian Ebrecht // Narrator: Paul Bendelow // Production assistant: Laura Bleifuß // Production manager: Katja Sträter // Executive Producers: Thomas Weidenbach, Sarah Zierul // Commissioning editor: Martin Schneider

  • YEAR 2017
  • LENGTH 52 min (english version)
  • DISTRIBUTION Albatross World Sales